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Can Chiropractic Help Hip Pain?

Nov 7, 2019 | General, Hip, Pain

Hip pain is the most common condition patients seek chiropractic care after back pain. Common hip problems include bursitis, arthritis, and sprain/strain injury – especially of the gluteus medius muscle. Our unique brand of chiropractic care excels at treating and eliminating hip pain because we take a whole body approach to treatment. 

The hip joint itself can be affected by the muscles of the thigh, buttocks, and lower back. If these muscles are tight or weak, the hip joint will be placed under excessive stress. Stiff joints in the back, pelvis, and even the foot also affect the health of the hip as well. Anyone with hip pain must be evaluated in all of these areas.

Whether your hip pain is caused by an acute injury or chronic arthritis, our type of care can help.  We eliminate your pain quickly by addressing all of the areas of the body that are putting stress on the hip joint.  

We reduce muscle stiffness with deep tissue massage therapy, and then strengthen the weak muscles in the buttocks, legs and core.  We use gentle chiropractic care to improve mobility of the joints in your lower back and pelvis. Then we teach you self-care exercises so that you can maintain your newfound strength and keep your hip pain-free on your own.  Finally, we discuss nutrition and supplements that may provide additional natural relief.