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How Often Should You Get Adjusted?

Sep 1, 2020 | Back, General, Neck, Wellness

Everything important in life requires consistent maintenance to keep it healthy. Your car, your house, your pets. Your hair, teeth, eyes – and especially your spine – also need regular care. It’s easy to forget about the spine because you can’t see it – and modern healthcare teaches us not to worry about anything until you get sick or it hurts. Modern, mainstream healthcare is reactive. Chiropractors know better.

We take excellent care of our automobiles – change the oil, rotate the tires and monitor wear on the brakes – because we care about them and want them to last. At Tiferet Chiropractic, we want your spine to last.

The health of your spine is extremely important because it protects your nervous system, which controls every function in your body. When your spine becomes restricted (stiff) or misaligned, the spinal nerves get irritated and the organs and muscles that they innervate will not function at 100 percent. Have you ever felt sluggish or not quite yourself and didn’t know why? 

Regular spinal care corrects and helps prevent spinal restrictions from irritating your nervous system to keep your body functioning at its highest potential.

Furthermore, when the spine is restricted from normal movement or misaligned it becomes more susceptible to degeneration. Think about how the tread on your tires wears unevenly when your front end needs an alignment or how gears grind together when they are not perfectly aligned. The same holds true for your spine. When one part of your spine is stiff, another area is forced to grind together and gets worn out. You may not have any pain or even realize that there is a problem. Chiropractic care identifies these small issues before they become big problems.

Our normal daily activities put a biomechanical strain on your body – driving, computer work, running, and minor slips and bumps all impact the spine. We must continue to monitor the health and condition of your spine with periodic evaluations. This is called Wellness Care. It’s proactive. It’s honoring your body and taking care of yourself before there is a problem. Committing to ongoing wellness care puts you on the path towards sustained health for your lifetime.

How often should you seek wellness care? Everybody has different needs depending on their lifestyle. The average patient benefits most from monthly chiropractic care. Patients that hike or exercise daily typically come in every 2 or 3 weeks and some high performing athletes like to come in every week or two. Once you know what it feels like to be in perfect alignment, you’ll be able to listen to your body and determine what’s right for you.

I am passionate about helping my patients get healthy and then teaching them to stay that way. I want you to feel your absolute best each and every day of your life!